The inaugural US Bank Oregon Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon was a great success! The results and pics for First through Third places can be found here (if available). You can also find full results at the bottom of the page.

2013 Sprint Duathlon Men’s Winners

Sprint Duathlon Men's Winners

1st: Quincy Gill – Eugene, OR2nd: Robbie Garcia – Florence, OR3rd: Michael Gent – Florence, OR


2013 Sprint Duathlon Women’s Winners

1st - Ann Lacouture - Florence, OR; 2nd - Parker-Leigh Evans - Florence, OR (not pictured); 3rd - Erin Linton - Florence, OR (not pictured)

1st: Ann Lacouture – Florence, OR2nd: Parker-Leigh Evans – Florence, OR (not pictured) • 3rd: Erin Linton – Florence, OR (not pictured)


2013 Sprint Duathlon Team Winners

No Picture Available
1st: Team Fast and Furious: Michael Rose and Paul Potter – Florence, OR

2013 Sprint Triathlon Men’s Winners

1st: Evan Pardi - Eugene, OR • 2nd: Bruce Watanabe - Florence, OR • 3rd: Alfredo Velez - Eugene, OR

1st: Evan Pardi – Eugene, OR2nd: Bruce Watanabe – Florence, OR3rd: Alfredo Velez – Eugene, OR


2013 Sprint Triathlon Women’s Winners

1st: Sara Cannon - Portland, OR • 2nd: Jodi Marthaller - Medford, OR • 3rd: Sarah Kehl - Eugene, OR (not pictured)

1st: Sara Cannon – Portland, OR2nd: Jodi Marthaller – Medford, OR3rd: Sarah Kehl – Eugene, OR (not pictured)


2013 Olympic Duathlon Men’s Winners

1st: Jamie Laird - Portland, OR • 2nd: Dan Dahlke - Estacada, OR (not pictured)

1st: Jamie Laird – Portland, OR2nd: Dan Dahlke – Estacada, OR (not pictured)


2013 Olympic Duathlon Women’s Winner

No Picture Available
1st: Laura Wiley – Portland, OR

2013 Olympic Triathlon Men’s Winners

1st: David Garcia - Portland, OR • 2nd: Robert Lounsbury - North Bend, OR • 3rd: Andy Libert - Eugene, OR

1st: David Garcia – Portland, OR2nd: Robert Lounsbury – North Bend, OR3rd: Andy Libert – Eugene, OR


2013 Olympic Triathlon Women’s Winners

1st: Janette Hatcher - Bremerton, WA • 2nd: Linda Rosa - Belfair WA • 3rd: Emily Mothershed - Kanoehe, HI

1st: Janette Hatcher – Bremerton, WA • 2nd: Linda Rosa – Belfair, WA3rd: Emily Mothershed – Kanoehe, HI


2013 Triathlon Team Winners

1st: Team Mingus: Karen Matson and Jayna Tomac - Coos Bay, OR and Jana Sadler - Corvallis, OR

1st: Team Mingus: Karen Matson and Jayna Tomac – Coos Bay, OR and Jana Sadler – Corvallis, OR


2013 Sprint Duathlon Results

1Quincy GillEugene, OR00:53:13
2Robbie GarciaFlorence, OR01:00:27
3Ann LacoutureFlorence, OR01:05:47
4Michael GentFlorence, OR01:05:33
5Justin SchmickEugene, OR01:06:19
6Tim McginnisFlorence, OR01:06:22
7Parker-Leigh EvansFlorence, OR01:28:40
8Erin LintonFlorence, OR01:35:27


2013 Sprint Triathlon Results

1Evan PardiEugene, OR00:57:26
2Sara CannonPortland, OR01:06:07
3Bruce WatanabeFlorence, OR01:06:57
4Alfredo VelezEugene, OR01:11:20
5Steven GissNorth Bend, OR01:13:09
6Jodi MarthallerMedford, OR01:17:38
7Basil PittengerCoos Bay, OR01:20:24
8Paul PearsonFlorence, OR01:20:31
9Matt HiltonEugene, OR01:22:53
10Mark LarsenFlorence, OR01:25:06
11Jason BellCoos Bay, OR01:26:37
12Garrett SmithVancouver, WA01:27:57
13Brian LacoutureFlorence, OR01:30:16
14Sarah KehlEugene, OR01:30:29
15Tucker LewisFlorence, OR01:31:14
16Alvan ShoresFlorence, OR01:32:34
17Jason FlamingSiletz, OR01:34:21
18Ruth BellCoos Bay, OR01:34:50
19Todd BehneyNorth Bend, OR01:36:06
20Annaleise GironeEugene, OR01:38:55
21Justin LintonFlorence, OR01:39:34
22Katlin DahnEugene, OR01:52:08
23Laura StoneFlorence, OR02:34:49


2013 Sprint Duathlon Team Results

1Michael RoseFast and FuriousFlorence, OR01:11:10
1Paul PotterFast and FuriousFlorence, OR01:11:10


2013 Olympic Duathlon Results

1Jamie LairdPortland, OR02:16:44
2Laura WileyPortland, OR02:23:19
3Dan DahlkeEstacada, OR02:48:27


2013 Olympic Triathlon Results

1David GarciaPortland, OR02:22:02 (Course Record)
2Robert LounsburyNorth Bend, OR02:26:25
3Andy LibertEugene, OR02:34:17
4Scott LogueMedford, OR02:48:10
5Kyle KurthVancouver, WA02:55:09
6Ron MartinBelfair, WA03:08:34
7Filip HristicTualatin, OR03:16:50
8James MitchellFlorence, OR03:22:43
9Larry HatcherBremerton, WA03:32:18
10Joshua HerzogEl Paso, TX03:35:20
11Janette HatcherBremerton, WA03:37:57
12Brett NickellLake Oswego, OR03:40:53
13Linda RosaBelfair, WA03:45:48
14Emily MothershedKanoehe, HI03:47:11


2013 Olympic Triathlon Team Results

1Karen MatsonTeam MingusCoos Bay, OR03:20:47
1Jana SadlerTeam MingusCorvallis, OR03:20:47
1Jayna TomacTeam MingusCoos Bay, OR03:20:47